Atenea by Matias Hyde

Matias Hyde - Mentor

Atenea adoptó la forma humana de Méntor para educar a Telémaco, hijo de Ulises.

A raíz de este personaje, se creó el término “mentor” para referirse a la persona que guía y comparte su experiencia y sus conocimientos a través de encuentros con la persona que mentoriza.

Muy recientemente, la vida me regaló la presencia de una Atenea que me inspira con cada encuentro.

To Thank A Mentor - Albertine Geyer

“Late at night, when the bugs are out, 
And the snores haunt the hallways round and about, 
A little girl sits contemplating a word to fit, 
To finish a letter of admit.

Yet here I am searching words for You, 
To say at least a good thank you.
Whether that is enough, no one will know, 
For the greatness of you, will then never quite show...


For that I embrace you as my Mr. Magorium, 
Your knowledge the great emporium, 
With love I seal my respect
To you all my conquers reflect.

I thank you dear and close to my heart, 
In hope that you know you have played a part, 
In a young life that will oneday fly
Into an inspired sky. “

- Albertine Geyer